Retail Electricians

Retail outlets often have specific electrical requirements. Encompassing a wide range of outlets and built-for-purpose spaces, retail electrical services need to be all things to all parties. When dealing with retail developments like shopping centres and large-scale supermarkets, this can be extremely complex.

Vast Electrical has more than two decades of experience working in the retail electrical services sphere. Having worked with some of Australia's biggest brands and in some of Australia's biggest developments, we are perfectly poised to put your next retail development ahead of the competition.


Retail electrical services with Vast

Our team of experienced, expert retail electricians can assist you with:

  • Switchboards and distribution boards.
  • Lighting (interior and exterior).
  • Cabling and metering.
  • Building management systems.
  • Intruder detection systems, CCTV and access control.
  • NBN cabling, phone lines and public address systems.

This range of jobs means engaging with Vast Electrical’s Engineering and Senior Estimating Department, project managers, builders, other contractors, and property developers (not to mention organisations like the NBN) all have specific requirements that a retail space must meet. Vast Electrical's experience with the retail industry means we are fully capable of anticipating, delivering on and satisfying every party's requirements with better service and smarter solutions.


Coles Storefront by Vast Electrical


Licensed retail electricians on the cutting edge

As competition between Australian retailers grows, those developing centres and stores need to create ever more engaging physical fronts for businesses. Coupled with the variety involved in every single shopping centre, it is more critical than ever that developers work with world-class electrical service providers who can establish the infrastructure on which next-generation retail experiences can be built.

Without world-class retail electricians, developers will struggle to create customer journeys that continue to engage and grow an Australian audience. Our recent work showcasing this forward-thinking approach to electrical services includes:

  • Coles Group Property Developments.
  • Woolworths
  • Stockland
  • Highpoint Shopping Centre
  • Tarneit Shopping Centre
  • Aurora Village Shopping Center
  • Craigieburn Junction shopping centre.
  • Chadstone Shopping Centre.

From a client's custom fittings to the final compliance paperwork, Vast Electrical can lend its expertise every step of the way, keeping a development ahead of the competition.


Ecosmart retail electricians for your next development

Vast Electrical are Ecosmart qualified. This means that no matter how big your retail development, we will install and maintain infrastructure to strict environmentally-friendly guidelines. By bringing every aspect of your development in line with sustainability standards, we give shopping centres and new outlets the gift of long-lasting appeal from the outset.

In such a competitive retail environment, developers can't let anything slip. For top quality retail electricians that can add value to your retail, contact the team at Vast Electrical.

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