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Australian schools and medical facilities often have unique structural requirements that necessitate specialist electrical services. From appliance-heavy wings and rooms, to 24/7 activity in certain buildings, developers and project managers in this sector need the absolute best from the electrical contractors they work with.

Vast Electrical has more than 20 years of experience in both health and education electrical services, conducting both major electrical works and routine maintenance. Our ethical, intelligent and sustainable approach to electrical services means that time and time again, we deliver above and beyond our clients' expectations.

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Education electrical services

There are more than 1,300 schools across Melbourne, in addition to a dozen universities and many more higher education institutions. Across this spectrum, each and every educational facility requires certain specific electrical services:

  • Comprehensive internal and external lighting, including pole footings, auto controls and sub-circuit cabling.
  • Fully compliant exit and emergency lighting.
  • Wiring and modifications to switch boards for mechanical, hydraulic, kitchen, landscape and architectural equipment.

With the daily population of some educational institutions reaching above 30,000, it is critical that electrical services for these facilities comply with the strictest compliance regulations. From cafeterias to halls of residence to chemistry labs, every facility needs the utmost safety in how it is wired.

Vast Electrical has extensive experience in this regard, having conducted electrical services projects for both La Trobe University and Deakin University campuses in Melbourne. This meant working with builders, engineers, project managers, university representatives, and architects to deliver aesthetically appealing and comprehensively compliant lighting and smarter electrical solutions.

Our clients-first approach means each of these parties has their say in exactly what their end goals are, and we approach every project with these individuals' needs in mind. This ensures we deliver satisfactory electrical services for the education sector, and do so on time and budget.

Health and medical electrical services

Similar to education, Melbourne's healthcare sector is vast and wide-ranging. From aged care facilities to GP clinics, there is a massive diversity in our spaces and their respective electrical needs. Yet with so many devices in operation across these facilities, compliant electrical work is a must. This includes:

  • Establishing and maintaining body and cardiac-protected electrical areas around patients.
  • Critical electrical back-ups for life support machinery.
  • LPD protection on certain socket outlets.
  • Nurse call.

Proprietors and designers of these healthcare facilities need to work with expert medical electricians to ensure they meet the requirements of not just Standards Australia and Safe Work Australia, but also the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Vast Electrical's more than two decades of experience includes many comprehensive medical industry electrical projects. Recent work with Ego Pharmaceuticals saw us establish a VESDA system, deliver flameproof lighting solutions and full earthing of our installation. This is the kind of comprehensive work that every medical facility needs, ensuring compliance and safety at every turn.




Get the full spectrum of health and education electrical services

Vast Electrical's experience and industry-specific expertise means we are well-placed to handle any project, big or small. Able to work with architects, builders, proprietors, project managers, medical professionals and a whole host of third parties, we deliver services that meet everyone's needs.

This goes beyond the initial installation. As you can see on our electrical maintenance page, our experts can conduct the full range of upkeep services on a regular or ad hoc basis.

For educational institutions and medical facilities, it often isn't enough to use a qualified electrician. You need a trusted partner with better service and smarter solutions working in your field, who can meet your compliance and performance requirements without any trouble. That's the difference that Vast Electrical can make for your facility - get in touch to find out more.