What makes for top tier electrical safety in Victoria?

Commercial electrical services are a web of complexities. From mixed-use developments with massively varying requirements to high-end health facilities that must be strictly compliant, there is an absolute need for the best safety practices across the board.

That's why developers need commercial electricians with experience, qualifications and reputation. As the team bringing power to your development, trust and safety are essential. But what sets apart the best when it comes to electrical safety?

1) Knowing the paperwork

Every job comes with its own homework - and the more your electrical contractor knows about the latest legislative and compliance updates, the better.

This starts with the basics, demonstrable understanding of WorkSafe Victoria's OHS Act 2004 and OHS Regulations 2007, as well as Energy Safe Victoria's key regulations. Beyond that, they need knowledge of key industry standards like AS3000 and AS3012.

Electrical safety is critical at large commercial sites.Electrical safety is critical at large commercial sites.

Good electrical contractors should go above and beyond, however - they should keep up to date with all recent risks. For example, a 2019 incident involving workers moving into no-go zones while using an elevating work platform proves a timely reminder of the importance of measuring your lift distances. The Vast Electrical team isn't just qualified - we stay across all current risks, trends and warnings to ensure top quality safety on the job.

2) The big picture on use of commercial space

Sometimes, it isn't enough to ensure the electrical infrastructure itself is fully compliant. Contractors and developers must take into account the full spectrum of functions the building will perform, including potential hazards. 

This begins with clear identification of areas that will be subject to dust, damp, mould, outdoor elements, heavy foot traffic, heat or vibrations. Beyond this, electrical contractors should also look into corrosive materials - even particular cleaning agents used in regular maintenance. Identifying risks to circuitry, even if there is minimal chance of it happening, is the sign of a job thoroughly done. 

3) Correct testing and tagging

A simple eye check will identify cords or circuits in disrepair, but the best electrical safety practitioners should use a combination of reactive and proactive maintenance to ensure safety. This means regular inspections, ideally from a licensed professional. Knowing the timing for these is critical too - for example, under AS3760 you must inspect plant for earth continuity and insulation resistance every three months. 

Regular testing, tagging and maintenance can prevent accidents or harm in your commercial development. Vast Electrical can conduct both scheduled and ad hoc maintenance, responding to your needs or identifying risks ahead of time to maintain your development's safety. 

Proper safety practices in your electrical contractors are a must-have.Proper safety practices in your electrical contractors are a must-have.

4) Know which records to keep

Regular auditing is a fundamental part of ongoing electrical safety. But if you don't keep the right records, your compliance is at risk. Top tier electrical contractors will help identify key audit measures, delivering results on a consistent basis. 

This includes the results of discharge tests on evacuation lighting and electrical certificates for anything from switchboard installation to the disconnection of construction wiring. If your electrical service provider isn't delivering on these, there may be an issue. 

5) Proven experience

A contracted electrician may have all the qualifications in the world, and still lack hands-on experience or be difficult to deal with. In our industry, word travels fast. If you're unsure about whether someone is the right fit for your development, find people they've worked with before.

Testimonials or recommendations can give you peace of mind that your work will be safe and compliant. 

If you're ready to take the next step in your electrical safety with Vast, it's time to give us a call

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