Moving towards a Greener future

 According to NECA (National Electrical and Communications Association), this title is awarded to experts who offer energy efficient solutions that reduce the electricity bill of its users.

Recently, we read about the prevailing choice of solar power energy over traditional fossil fuel options. To be able to implement this type of sustainable solution into our business, was a long-term goal of ours. We have often spruiked green energy as a leading choice for consumers, now it’s a choice that for many is a reality.

According to Green Energy Markets, households and small businesses are choosing to invest in solar energy for their power needs, with the total number of installed solar systems sitting at approximately 186,000. The demand for solar systems is consistently rising. The largest number of small-scale solar installations was 33% of total installations for 2014.

At VAST Electrical, we are proud to be part of this change. We will continue to offer green energy solutions and will further promote ourselves as EcoSmart Electricians to fulfil our role as green energy representatives. Ideally, one day we hope to see a greater proportion of electrical needs devoted to green energy rather than fossil fuels. In fact, we hope to see the eradication of fossil fuel burning. If we can achieve this, future generations will thank us for it.