Meet the Malt District: Melbourne's latest redevelopment project

On Gough Street, old and new forces are coming together as part of Melbourne's latest redevelopment project - the Malt District. Being able to put our stamp on such a highly-recognised space has been a pivotal achievement for the entire team at Vast Electrical.

What is the Malt District Project?

Home to the historic Richmond malting plant, landmark silos and towering Nylex Clock that have all been prominent features of Melbourne's skyline for half a century, this space now welcomes the highly anticipated Malt District to its area code.

The Malt District is set to combine the best of retail, commercial working spaces and apartment living into a new, landmark destination. While the precinct will embody progressive ideals and technologies, it's history remains, as much of the aforementioned will be built seamlessly into the old buildings. Here, the industrial mix of timber, brick and steel will remain and form the foundations for a new design aesthetic and new beginnings.

The Malt District is only in the first stages of development, yet excitement has already caused quite a stir among those in the Melbourne area. As briefly mentioned, the precinct is set to become home to modern apartments, boutique eateries, shops and even a micro brewery - hence the name 'Malt District'. With such a central city location, the site will not only appeal to those living and working in the area, but also dwellers looking for a shared space to enjoy. 

What is Vast Electrical's involvement in the Malt District project?

The team at Vast Electrical have been involved with the Malt District for a few months, having worked with ProBuild in the past on a job in Chadstone, explains Senior Project Manager Gary Twyman. After demonstrating strong capability on that project, ProBuild were pleased with Vast's work and decided to put them forward for work on the impressive Malt District Project.

Vast came out favourable, and as such, was awarded the chance to put its stamp on the Malt District precinct. Over the next five years, there are five stages to be completed, with Vast assigned to stage one and three; an eight-storey office building and a 202-room apartment block next door. On top of this, Vast are also pricing two other buildings for future use.

"Vast could be there for longer in other stages if it goes well during the next five years. The amount of traffic that passes the Malt District is big - thousands of people see it everyday. People will be watching it grow and that's why it's such a good opportunity to be a part of," says Gary.

When asked about the highlight of Vast's work on the Malt District project so far, Gary felt that having the opportunity to contribute to such a creative and key development was hard to miss.

"I've driven past the site so many times. Before it was derelict and identified only by the silos and Nylex sign. Now, it's becoming an iconic location once again. It will be one of those projects where I'll drive past and think how proud I am to say 'that's my job'."

From conception to design, right through to completion, Vast's involvement on the Malt District project cements the company's ability to provide excellent turnkey solutions. Gary also believes that building strong customer relationships is just as important. After all, it can take a long time to build rapport, seconds to break, and a lifetime to repair. This is why Vast Electrical spend time producing safe, effective and smarter solutions, as well as investing resource in ensuring clients are satisfied. 

To find out more about Vast Electrical's work and what we can bring to your project, get in touch with the team today. 

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