Maintenance Measures Matter Most

  • Perth’s extreme weather caused disastrous operational plane delays, power outages and disrupted services
  • Fujitsu’s Perth data centre’s power outage that followed fierce thunderstorms caused backup systems and a second, unspecified control system to fail, resulting in further operational delays
  • Flooding and resultant thunderstorms caused power outages that were delayed further by fire occurrences
  • Major electrical faults were discovered in Royal Perth Hospital, with lack of exit or emergency lighting, a non-compliant electrical wiring in patient rooms and cables hanging from the ceiling space and identified water leaks.

In light of these recent electrical malfunctions, it’s important that organisations get the most value out of their electricity and maintenance services. Due to the considerable issues that can arise as a result of these unpredictable events, ensuring organisational safety and minimal electrical damage is of paramount concern.

For businesses to receive the best maintenance service and help combat future crises, Vast Electrical recommends the following important measures:

  • Always check for credentials or go to a reputable company that specialises in electrical maintenance and service
  • Monitor systems and alarms
  • Provide a generator backup

Preventative maintenance is critical for companies looking to be proactive. Unplanned business disruptions can have a significant effect on the bottom line. However by taking formative action now, it will allow for a smoother transition for your business in the long term.  

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