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LED Lighting is gaining popularity. It is efficient, effective and with the various products available can be aesthetically pleasing.

That’s why most buildings today have some form of LED lights, lighting the way for employees.

In fact McKinsey and Company forecast that 64 per cent of lighting would be LED by 2020.

That’s a big number and will only continue to grow.

“This is a retrofit market,” LEDified CEO Suren Chandrajit told The Australian. “You might have no reason to change your lights. But we give you an investment proposition that says within 21 months you pay yourself back. It is a new market. It is not driven by maintenance and new building starts.”

LEDified now has over 40 per cent market share in commercial LED lighting; they are reputable and offer great service. When you buy LEDified product, you know you are getting a quality product that is backed by warranty and service.

And no, we are not an advertising agent for the company.

That means the 40% mentioned above don’t really need to give their installation a second thought.

However, there are imitators in the market that come along with cheap imported product that doesn’t match your energy efficiency expectations. Not to mention there is a certain danger in buying knock offs. It’s like buying the Gucci watch in Bali only to find it stops ticking when you cross back over the Australian border.

In an era of rising energy costs, when businesses are looking for reliable energy efficient solutions, they should really be careful with the solutions they consider.

Find out where the product came from, who the manufacturer is and what the energy and cost savings will be. Is the light dimmable? Not all are. Read the fine print about the product including warranty details and check that the lights haven’t been designed to only operate for a maximum number of hours per day. Then make a purchase decision.

Also, consider what LED can do for you.

This is an amazing product and not just for buildings. Consider this, three Japanese researchers recently won the Nobel Prize for Physics for inventing the LED lamp. It’s a long-lasting, efficient light source rallying against global warming. There is also speculation that LED may one day do more than just light, portable devices could disinfect or sterilise water because UV light can kill bacteria. And in Africa, more than 28 million Africans without access to electricity are now using solar-powered LED lights.

One day, in the near future, everyone will be using LED as his or her light source. The benefits are just too good to ignore. However, it’s like any product, you need to do your due diligence before you make the purchase. So if you are operating a commercial business and are considering installation, seek professional advice and don’t put your reputation on the line – install LED lighting that will change the world, not burn your building down.


We are established leaders in the field of retail electrical services. We understand the complex requirements of retail installations, ensuring the finished product is always designed with the end user as a top priority. Our retail partners have included Coles, Woolworths and Pacific Brands.

High Rise Apartments

Vast Electrical works closely with developers and body corporates to exceed their expectations in improving existing electrical infrastructure. We also create ongoing electrical solutions for new high rise developments, be they residential strata or mixed-use projects.


From our EcoSmart qualifications to our two decades of experience developing electrical solutions, we are equipped to handle the full spectrum of commercial electrical services. From shopping centres to office premises, we can deliver fully functioning projects in an impressive time frame.

Service & Maintenance

Service and maintenance is at the heart of our electrical solutions. Our experienced team provides ongoing support including exit and emergency testing, lamp replacement and energy management. Our goal is to prevent any potential threats before they occur, through a combination of reactive and scheduled maintenance.

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