Investing in energy performance creates limitless possibilities

Yet most building managers, architects and builders want to do this. They are ready to invest in technologies that enhance the efficiency performance of their building, because they understand what the future benefits will be.

But it seems it is not so easy being green.

So as a trend follower in some areas rather than a trendsetter, let’s look to the US first for inspiration.

A ‘State of Building Energy Management Survey’ conducted by Daintree Networks Inc. in collaboration with CoR advisors was distributed to building owners, managers and other industry professionals. It found that 86.4% of those surveyed saw their 2014 budget for energy efficiency technologies and upgrades equaling or exceeding 2013 spending.

There is significant marketing opportunity in this and Australian businesses should be quicker on the uptake than Usain Bolt on Red Bull.

Back home, commercial businesses can take a leaf out of Charter Hall’s construction book.

Charter Hall’s WorkZone buildings have been awarded Australia’s most up-to-date and prestigious 5 Star Green Star rating.

Romily Madew, the chief executive of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) said of the building, “In taking the extra step with the Green Star ‘As Built’ rating, Charter Hall has demonstrated that the sustainable design intentions were implemented during the construction process.”

This has meant a boon for Charter’s Hall.

And there are several more examples of builders and building managers taking the initiative and enjoying great results. The benefits aren’t just cost-based. Take Brindabella for example.

According to the GBCA, the owners of Australia's first Green Star certified project at 8 Brindabella Circuit in Canberra say they could not put a financial figure on the amount of free publicity they have received from their green building, both through their Green Star certification and their subsequent environmental awards. In fact, the owners have needed to completely rethink their marketing strategy, as they now have a waiting list of prospective tenants.

There is no reason why sustainability elements of a five star rating quality shouldn’t be implemented in the design and construction phase of a building.

What it comes down to for building owners and managers is awareness. After all it is green building standards that will drive reputation, opportunity and profitability.