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Maintenance Measures Matter Most

Electricity is a powerful tool that can cause major damage if not maintained in the most effective way. It can be particularly dangerous during unpredictable weather conditions, which Australia seems to be in the midst of. Note these recent incidences of electrical damage caused during the following weather events in Perth:

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LED: Lighting the way forward for commercial buildings

LED Lighting is gaining popularity. It is efficient, effective and with the various products available can be aesthetically pleasing.

That’s why most buildings today have some form of LED lights, lighting the way for employees.

In fact McKinsey and Company forecast that 64 per cent of lighting would be LED by 2020.

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Take a safety first approach

Everywhere you look, Australian businesses are being held to a particularly high standard. And in Australia we have higher standards than most countries.

Now, that is not a bad thing. It means Australians are protected. It means that should something go wrong with a particular product, there is recourse. It doesn’t matter whether you are at the footy, or installing electrical cables, standards are put in place to either protect you or ensure you are compliant with changing times.

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Investing in energy performance creates limitless possibilities

Energy efficiency is a concept that we all understand. However adoption has been slow, which is a shame because early adoption creates a world of opportunity.

One of the reasons for slow adoption is price, while other reasons include lack of information or education. With myriad products on the market spruiking ‘efficiency benefits’ it can be difficult to make heads or tails of what you need to do to make your building as energy efficient as possible.

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