6 reasons to work with an EcoSmart electrician

Save money, save power and save the environment. As EcoSmart-accredited electricians, VAST Electrical can help you do all three, through the practical advice and assistance we provide to builders and project managers looking to make their commercial construction as eco-friendly and cost-effective as possible. 

Need more convincing? Here are just some of the reasons you should consider working with an EcoSmart electrician:

1) Help you save money

Global energy efficiency measures could save an estimated $440 to $645 billion in savings on energy spending, according to the European Commission - but only if you choose the right measures for your specific construction project.

There are so many different eco-friendly electrical solutions on the market these days, it's often hard to know which one will actually save money, especially when this depends so much on the individual specifications of the project in question. 

An EcoSmart electrician will help you decide which solutions are best in practice, as well as in theory. This is especially important as an eco-friendly commercial construction project can involve large upfront investments, so they need to make that money back in the long term. 

Do your bit to stop the earth heating up by partnering with Ecosmart electricians. Our earth is heating up - do your bit to stop it by partnering with an EcoSmart-accredited electricity company like VAST.

2) Assist with forecasting

EcoSmart electricians have in-depth knowledge of the different electricity solutions available. This means they can work out exactly how much energy and money each option will save in the long run, tailoring their forecasts to your specific project.

This allows you to show clients exactly how much they'll save over a certain period of time and calculate the turning point where their investment will start to pay for itself. 

3) Do your bit for the environment

By 2050, the building sector could reduce energy-related CO2 emissions by 85 per cent - a potential cumulative saving of 84 gigatonnes of CO2 (GtCO2), according to the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction. This is through direct measures in buildings such as energy efficiency, fuel switching and the use of renewable energy. 

The same source predicts that the building sector could make energy savings of 50 per cent or more by 2050, supporting the Paris Agreement's goal of limiting global temperature rises to 2°C.

The construction industry can only achieve this by pursuing the best and latest environmental solutions - and your EcoSmart electrician can guide you on the most appropriate path to environmental sustainability.

4) Be more holistically sustainable

It's not just builders who are pursuing eco-friendly initiatives. Commercial clients are increasingly under pressure to make every part of their operations, including their workspaces, as environmentally-friendly as possible. For example, Forbes reports that more than 88 per cent of consumers think companies should try to achieve their business goals while improving society and the environment. Builders who partner with EcoSmart electricians are going to be a high priority for businesses wanting to pursue such CSR initiatives.

Businesses are increasingly looking to pursue environmentally friendly initiatives - including in their workspaces. Businesses are increasingly looking to pursue environmentally friendly initiatives - including in their workspaces.

5) Ensure correct installation 

As we've already mentioned, many environmentally friendly electrical solutions save you money on paper, but when it comes to your unique build, they aren't actually suitable. This is especially the case when it comes to installing the product correctly. EcoSmart electricians will form that missing link, giving tailored recommendations and assisting with installation so that all solutions work in your specific project. 

6) Allow you to focus on what matters

The solutions available to those looking for an environmentally friendly build are changing all the time. EcoSmart electricians constantly research these advancements to make sure they can recommend the latest and best services possible, leaving you to do what really matters - building your construction project on time, and on budget. 

VAST Electrical is an National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) accredited company. This title is awarded to experts who offer energy efficient solutions that reduce the electricity bill of its users and recognises that we offer EcoSmart electricians to those who need them. 

If you want to partner with an EcoSmart accredited company and make your buildings save money, energy and the envrionment, reach out to the team at VAST Electrical today. 

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